Yaoi Lovers, Welcome!

Do you have any siblings?

I have two older siblings. One brother and one sister.

Omg your name is Chris??? I think I know you! Do u know a guy name Ash?

Uh.. I don’t think so…? Or at least not that I can remember.

How old are you?

I’ll be 21 in November.

Counting down the days until I can finally……..

Legally own a gun.

Haha I read the last comment. There is nothing wrong with having two sexual partners lol! Are they guys?? Do they know ..?

They are men this time. mmhm. Do they know as in do they know they’re not the only one? If so, then yes. They’re essentially my friends with benefits. They cool. :3

Do you have a bf Chris?

Hmm…. not that I’m aware of… But music majors don’t have time for relationships. *sobs quietly while practicing*

For the record (if it even counts) I do have 2 sexual partners I’m currently ‘using’ (for lack of a better word)